Friday, April 30, 2010


Cook 4 pieces of bacon crisp enough to crumble

Sauté 1 medium onion and one can of mushrooms
(or substitute fresh) in butter and the leftover
bacon grease, Sprinkle with Garlic Pepper Grillin'
rub and Steak Seasoning while sautéing.

In a sauce pan combine equal amounts of your
favorite Honey (We use the local Wind River
Honey in Riverton, they have a great product!)
and spicy brown mustard, along with 1
tablespoon of butter. Make enough to cover the
sautéed vegetables thoroughly and mix with
the vegetables.

Season 3 chicken breasts with the garlic pepper
rub and steak seasoning and cook thoroughly on
the grill.

On a cookie sheet, place the three breasts;
cover them with the honey mustard, and
sautéed vegetables. Place a slice or two of
pepper jack cheese over the top of each breast
and broil until the cheese melts to your desire.

Crumble bacon on top and enjoy!

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