Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Customers make us happy!

We love to hear from customers that use our products and get great positive results from other people. Here are just a couple of stories from actual customers who have used our products. If you have any of your own, please feel free to post them here!

From Fred:

I recently ordered bulk seasonings for Original, Mandarin , Cajun and Sweet and Spicy. I attended a birthday celebration last evening and I took seven small bags of jerky in the above flavors. The remarks were:

Fred this jerky is to die for, Incredible flavor, I've never tasted jerky this good. I will buy as much as you can make,etc. Being as my 79th birthday was on Sept 30,it appears I may have a new job.,. Congratulations on a very fine product.

From Marie:

P.S. Love your sausage kits. Have recommended them to lots of people, and a couple of years ago, I made some of the summer sausage and gave some to my boss at the time, for Christmas. He wanted to know where I got it because it made the sausage he had made at his processor taste like cardboard. I told him to buy a kit (or 2 or 3) and do it himself. He really loved the results of what I made.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fiesta Dip

Fiesta Dip

1 can of refried beans

1 cup of sour cream

1 package of Hi Mountain Creamy Chipotle Dip

½ cup of shredded cheese

In a pot mix all of the ingredients together. Place the pot over medium heat for about 5 – 10 minutes, stir the dip so the beans don’t burn. Pour the dip into a bowl, serve with tortilla chips and enjoy!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Smoked Salmon

Brine the Salmon with the Alaskan Salmon Brine from Hi Mountain overnight in the fridge. Remove and rinse salmon, spray rack with oil and place on rack skin side down. Blow air over salmon using fan to form the pellicle before smoking.... I put the pellets on the electric element about 15 minutes early so they start to smoke when I'm ready to add the salmon which is also seasoned with the Hi Mountain Salmon seasoning. My wife finds it funny when she catches me sitting in my lounge chair drinking beer just hanging out smoking salmon...

-Tony in Ohio

Bourbon Jerky & Inferno Jerky

Top is Inferno, bottom Bourbon

Mark in Washington wrote:

I have tried many different jerky seasonings including my own recipes. When I came across your product I just had to give it a try. I purchased the inferno and the bourbon bbq. The night before I seasoned both as told in the directions, using slices of 1/4 inch, usually I go thinner, but wanted to try thicker. I then vacuum sealed, I find this really helps penetrate the meat. The next afternoon I fired up the smoker for the bourbon bbq and placed the inferno in the dehydrator. With the inferno I sprinkled some extra crushed peppers on it. Taste results, I like the heat factor in the inferno. It was not too salty like other brands. The texture was awesome and so was the color. I might add a bit of brown sugar next time just for personal taste, but it is very good as is. The bourbon bbq, came out great, especially smoked. The only thing I might do different next time is add a bit more of the seasoning... Very good aromatic flavor.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dusty Trail Omlete

Thanks to Bonnie, in Kentucky for this recipe!

- 5 corn tortillas

- 1 lb. sausage (hot works best)

- 5 eggs

- 1 small onion

- Hi Mountain Trail Dust

Cut tortillas into 1 in. squares and fry until stiff but not too crispy. Crumble sausage and cook. Scramble the eggs and onion together in a bowl, mix in with the sausage and add 1T. of Hi Mountain Trail Dust. Let it cook together to your liking. Put it all on a plate and sprinkle on sharp cheddar cheese.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Great Products, Great Recipes, Great Prices

It's tough today.

Now, more than ever is a great time to be more self-sufficient. With the economic climate uncertain, more people are looking to get the most out of their dollar, and we are here to help.

If you look at jerky, snack sticks, sausage in the store, you're painfully aware of how out of control prices have gotten. That's where we come in. Why not make these things yourself? You can with Hi Mountain.

Our products are made with 3 things in mind: 1- Great flavor with high quality, 2- Ease of use, 3- Affordability.

No, you don't have to be a hunter and use wild meat for our products. They are just as good using the regular meat that you can find at the store right now. I myself have made jerky several times using meat from the grocery store, and I'll promise you that it's better than anything you'll buy in a bag that costs a whole lot more.

So, do yourself a favor, be self sufficient and make some of these things yourself. You'll thank yourself, and maybe even us!

Please check out the video of Hans Hummel, the President of Hi Mountain, to see what we're all about!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We realize that from time to time it helps to have more instruction when dealing with some of the recipes and procedures when using our products. Even though they are extremely easy to use, sometimes it just helps to SEE it done, and in this internet age we figured, why not add some instructional videos to help out customers?

So, we are very pleased to announce the first video (with MANY MORE to come!) available online! This first video shows step-by-step instructions on how to use our Jerky Master, and is available on the front page of our site (, and on YouTube (

Ah, what the heck, let's put it right here in the blog too! Enjoy!